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Director Uk operations at Zebaq

Thank you Priyanka for kick starting a project with me . Patience and kindness are the virtue of all success, which you have as inner qualities . On this consulting project , I found Priyanka to be more tenacious, intelligent, highly passionate and creative minded individual. She is also a highly able planner. I would strongly recommend Priyanka on her skills on Digital Marketing , Web Development and Branding consulting.


Resume Writing Services. LinkedIn Optimization. Career Coaching

Priyanka's desire to learn and grow is impressive! Since we connected, she has been so focused on improving her presence and offerings on LinkedIn.She has a real desire to build client relationships and help others with Business Consulting, Marketing Consulting, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Advertising, Marketing Strategy, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. If you need those services, she is worth checking out!.

AJ Thakral

President at Gansus Company

Priyanka is talented and adaptive. She see what we generally oversee. She leads her team to discover deeper insights and ideas. Priyanka is a brand champion. – Aj Thakral, President, Gansus Company.

Todd Lindahl

♦Service Delivery IT Business Owner
♦Director of Professional Services With a focus on Digital Transformation

I would highly recommend Priyanka for your business marketing and social media needs. She is highly responsive and gets results for her clients quickly.

Jalal Rasiyani

Associate Director - Ismaili Chamber. /Ecommerce Trainer/ Small Business Coach

riyanka is a very knowledgeable professional with good eye for reaching customers. All very ethically and in timely manner Very impressed with her reach with her strategies to end users.

Michael Fellini

Business Owner at Showtime Delivery

Priyanka is extremely professional and listens closely to your needs. She is diligent and will ensure the best possible outcome that will boost your business in numerous ways.

Richard Morgin

Franchise Development | Sales Management | Marketing Management | Operations Management | Entrepreneur | Family Man | Investor

Priyanka Acharya, founder of is a top professional. We connected in the spring 2020 which is when I started looking for a social marketing and lead generation company. After a couple of months of conversation I trusted that her company would help me increase my client pipeline which will lead to a substantial increase in my business. Our campaign has bee running for three weeks and I am very happy with their lead generation and social media campaign. If you are looking for a company to take the lead in this process I recommend you contact

Elijah D.

Awesome Day to CREATE and Co-Create! 100% Hemp products! Always shine your inner light BRIGHT!

"Before you are a Leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a Leader, success is all about growing others." – Jack Welch, Jack Welch Management Institute As Founders, we seek to collaborate with other Expert founders that can help us achieve our mission, vision, & goals. Mark Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer of Procter & Gamble, stated, "Find creative partners that share your values, which share a mission of what you are trying to accomplish, and bring the kind of creativity that will make your brand work!" Ms. Acharya, Raul, and Team Zebaq have the Creative Mindsets and expertise required to lead the Platinum915 Digital team and yours. Have you checked out our website, Platinum915? I absolutely love where we are headed with the concepts. As the Principal Founder, CEO, & CMO of Platinum915, it is imperative that I collaborate with Founders that operate with integrity, intelligence, and maturity. Jack Welch said, "Leaders establish trust with candor, transparency, and credit," Ms. Acharya was honest and transparent from our first interaction. I am in the Start-up phase, and Team Zebaq has shown immense patience with our company. Priyanka demonstrates a high level of EQ, Faith, Empathy, and Positive Energy and is a joy to work with. These are our Core Values at Platinum915, and it was natural to join Team Zebaq! Thank you, Ms. Acharya, Raul, and Team Zebaq. It is my intention, with Divine Intelligence assistance, to bring you more value than you have given to me. Reach out to Team Zebaq today and join our movement. The Movement of Helping one another become all that we desire to be! My name is Elijah Davis, and as always, shine your inner light bright.


Professional Cleaning Services

I was referred to Priyanka from another company and was very impressed upon first conversation. I'm looking forward to continue working with Miss Priyanka.

Ryan Arcoraci

I define my success on how much I can help you find yours

Priyanka is a team player and very knowledgeable about digital marketing concepts. She works well with clients and is always happy to offer help when needed. I highly recommend her to any team!

Ben Morgan

Danielle Lam (PCH)

"Hello Priyanka."

Neil Israel

Co-Founder and Chief Animation Marketer, Podcast Host

Priyanka is a very hard worker and does her best to expand her client's capabilities. I hired Zbaq/Priyanka for several jobs, including: Digital Marketing, virtual Project Management, and animation creation.

Kumaresh Kar

One goal, making Digital Marketing simple for all

Priyanka has a very strong work ethic and unparalleled analytical and problem-solving skills. Priyanka is extremely enthusiastic about her work which is infectious. She is ready to deal with difficult situations and solve the problems on time. She always takes care of the job. For Priyanka, the job is always the most important thing to do. Very positive attitude towards work. I enjoyed working with her on the different projects we took on.

Arlene Embola

Founder of The Doxa Gene

I do recommend Priyanka! Often we, small businesses, do not have a clue how to grow from mom and pop to a mid to large company. It becomes extremely difficult to know for sure where to best put our very limited resources. I am on LinkedIn for a purpose, intention to grow and I love the opportunities that arise through businesses reaching out to me as they assess my need for help. I love offers of help and it is like outsourcing to incrementally chip away at building my corporation on a bare bones budget. Absolutely, Pia (Priyanka) made me feel no shame in my humble beginnings! She assesed and priced me accordingly. She reached out and offered more than a SEO package. She offered social media presence and mentorship. She helped me update my LinkedIn profile and pay attention to little details that bothered me, but not priority in my own assessment but wickedly important if I want the best first impressions! She and her team worked very well together to get me started on SEO and I saw immediate results that had me back track a bit because I need to have more polished content to effectively give a good first impression. These are the things that surfaced as I saw the results of their work.Again, the result was immediate after two months! I was very pleased. I am situated with a better imprint but not mature enough to continue to spend for ongoing optimization as yet. I do recommend Soffront services and will be using Pia and her team when I complete this next media creation project I have just started.

Pawan A Srivastava

CEO, UniversityHUB | International Education | Mentor | Ed Tech Platform & CRM | Outsourcing Specialist |

Priyanka is an extremely proactive and diligent individual. In a short span of a few weeks, Priyanka showed her true professionalism in the projects she was involved with us. I can definitely recommend her to any companies who are looking for digital marketing experts. I wish her all the best in all her endeavours.

Varsha Tewari

Human Resources Director at Solarix Technologies Pvt Ltd

Priyanka is focused and determined in accomplishing her task. She always seek in learning new techniques and implimenting in her professional life.

Tim Whiteman

Performance Driven Sales Hunter that builds new territories.

Priyanka is extremely bright, witty, and very upbeat and very positive. I have known and worked with her for only a short time, but have benefited immensely in collaborating with her. I am looking forward to all the exciting projects in the near future and beyond.

Omprakash Dash

I define my success on how much I can help you find yours.

I can highly recommend Zebaq PVT LTD as a web developer. From the initial website brief to the completion of the website Zebaq PVT LTD have been nothing but supportive, attentive and are always receptive to ideas and feedback. With their imaginative, bespoke website development and inspiring marketing campaigns, they have completely turned my fledgling business RB Pavilion into a real contender. The project was completed on time, the service provided by Zebaq PVT LTD was ‘second to none’. Thank you to Zebaq PVT LTD for the high quality and exceptional customer service.

Herbert Blank

Consultant - Global Finesse & Senior Quant and Blogger at ValuEngine.

Priyanka is a persistent and a very helpful educator. She is consultative in her business development style in focusing on the customer and their recognized and potentially unrecognized needs. At this, she really does her homework and acts an A-plus guide. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Andrew Hoffman

CPA CFC FAAPM-My Franchise Partners.

"Competitively priced, very pleasant to work with, knowledgeable, clear communication, terrific follow up and focused on value".

Rafia Heerji


"Excellent services!!

Lamar Love

System Stream

"Priyanka goes above and beyond to help others to succeed.".



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